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Train to become
a Virtual Assistant

Train to become a Virtual Assistant & Work From Home, Set Your Hours...

​​Have you thought about becoming a Virtual Assistant yourself?


Are you attracted to the concept of no longer working in an office?

Would you like to set your own hours, so you can…

...spend more time with your family?

…travel the world while working remotely?

...take time off whenever you need a break?


If this sounds appealing, then becoming a Virtual Assistant would be perfect for you.


If you know nothing about the Virtual Assistant business, don’t worry: we have created a course called VirtualBusinessTraining.


In VirtualBusinessTraining, you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of Virtual Assistance

  • How to discover your most profitable skills

  • Dozens of services you can provide remotely

  • How much money you should charge for your services

  • How and where you can find you clients

  • Tools that can make your VA work easier

  • And many more things, including useful documents and resources.

Once you successfully complete our training, you will receive Certificate of Completion .


You can also choose to partner up with VirtualHelp24 and work with our ever growing client base. To learn more about our Partnership Opportunities, please click here.

Ready to become a VA?

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