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Pricing of our Virtual

Due to our expansive Virtual Assistant Network, we can provide a custom pricing solution for a specific project

At VirtualHelp24, we offer two pricing options:

  • Pay as you go (if you need help with an occasional project here and there, or if you just have a task you want to delegate)

  • Packages (if you intend to use our VA services on a regular basis)

Once you have chosen your pricing model, the final price will depend on the VA’s skills, location, time flexibility… however, we are 100% transparent with our prices, meaning that you will know exactly what you are paying for.

To get started with your own dedicated Virtual Assistant, reach out to us and we will schedule an interview between you and your assistant.

Below is pricing for our Packaged services


Purchase 40 hours per week for just 



Purchase 40 hours per week for just 



Please contact us with your project details 

Get a custom quote


Purchase 40 hours per week for just 


Or you can choose to Pay As You Go  

Administrative Tasks - from $20 per hour 

Personal Tasks - from $25 per hour

Sales Assistance - from $2 per call and $20 per generated lead

Expert Services - from $45 per hour

Ready to work with us? Let's talk

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