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We are a team of technology-minded professionals with appreciation for borderless work marketplace and all the opportunities it offers. We believe that current connectivity of the global workforce offers a lot of opportunities to both service providers and businesses they service.



Partner & CEO

Olya’s vast experience with customers service along with global trends has transformed into a digital format and allowed her to set highest standards of customer care by Virtual Assistants. In the near future she intends to bring even more innovative services to VirtualHelp24.


Head of Marketing

Roman believes Marketing is a lifeblood of any business regardless of the industry. His expertise in marketing varies from transportation services to digital products and real estate. Regardless of industry, there in no marketing challenge he is not willing to undertake.

Woman in Grey Sweater

Administrative Support

While Administrative Support may not seem as an exciting task to deal with, without it our operations come to a halt. It is Nika’s ability to prepare the required documents quickly and efficiently that make her a valuable and practically irreplaceable team member.

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